Is Cessna Flight Simulator just a video game?

Well, a good number of fun lovers think it’s just that, but the technician will tell you that it’s actually more fun than a game.

Flight Simulator Cessna is one of the most advanced and sought after flight simulation programs in the network, developed with absolute standards and equipped with original instrument replicas in exact sizes, positions and characteristics that give you preferences, options and control over your flight. In other words, it’s the simulated version of flying to a real Cessna plane.

Real Cessna Flight Sim brings you closer to the real flying Cessna and with this I mean, just close enough and realistic enough not to distinguish between him and Cessna. Since all the details are the exact copy of the original, this simulation software is the closest to the real Cessna machine. Only the flies could overcome the experience. Proximity could make a hair wide!

For fun lovers, Cessna Flight Simulator is equivalent to the real Cessna Cockpit on your desktop and, unlike normal video game control that has limitations on what you do, Cessna Flight Sim gives you absolute control of simulating a real environment Of flight. For professionals and apprentices, this is the most economical alternative to pay for flight hours and practice risky manoeuvres that are quite difficult with real Cessna. They can simulate all the conditions in which they wish to fly, such as poor visibility, flying through thick clouds, flying at night, extreme wind, fog, rain, snow, ice, etc.

Cessna Flight Simulator is being used more and more all over the world to train pilots by providing simulated live training in real time to complement the training aircraft. Participants can experience realistic combat situations in real environments and terrains. You can practice risky manoeuvres and difficult cases such as severe and extreme weather conditions, power supply failures, etc. Even after training with the real Cessna machine, these students can improve their skills, such as: B. Perfecting the take-offs, navigation and landing. This prepares them to know how to respond to the situation they will face in the future, and believe me, from Cessna Flight Simulator to reality, the image is perfect; Just a little personalization here and there.

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