The Cessna 182R Skylark is a four-seat, high-engine single-engine aircraft manufactured by Cessna Aircraft Company between 1958 and 1962. It was designed to fill a niche between the less mighty Cessna 182R Skyhawk and the heavier Cessna 180 and 182 Skylane. Skylark was the name for the Deluxe versions of the 175 from 59-62. The base plane was sold as 182R. The Skylark 182R included a package with optional equipment and a unique colour scheme.

Model 182R had the redesigned Cessna split-level instrument panel, placing all the primary flight instruments right in front of the pilot instead of distributing them across the board like the previous models. This makes them much better for the use of IFR than previous Cessna models.

The Cessna 182R provides a comfortable ride, allowing longer trips without fear of stiff limbs and damaged back at the end. The cabin is carefully designed, but the high wings are perhaps the best feature for the pilot and passengers. The upper wings allow a clear view from all sides and make the recreational flight a real pleasure

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