An entirely different design of the light aircraft, the auto turn is equipped with a wingless rotor blade, similar to a helicopter.

The rotor blade does not have a fixed drive connected to the motor. The pilot couples the rotor blade to the engine before takeoff. The motor previously rotates the rotor blade to a rotation speed of two hundred revolutions per minute when the motor drive to the rotor blade is disconnected, as well as the parking brake.
The thrust propeller on the engine mounted on the rear pushes the aircraft forward. Taking speed, the wind from the front automatically rotates the rotor to gain momentum and lift it until the plane is in the air. Once in the air, the aircraft frequently fly to a low altitude to obtain air velocity and more rotor speed. With enough air and rotor speeds, it can rise at a considerable angle.

The handling and maneuverability of the autogyro are unique compared to other models and configurations of a microlight. You can fly almost sideways. You can make a one hundred and eighty degree turn in a very short distance, virtually around your own axes. It reaches a relatively high speed in straight and level flight. It has the ability to land on a short track. The plane is practically immobile when landing. When referring to the practice landings, the autogyro pilots will speak of stop and go landings, where the winged pilots of the aircraft will call it touch and go landings.

Compared to other models, the gyroplane is the least affected by wind and turbulence, so it can work with winds much stronger than those that can support the models of weight change and fixed wing. The rotor blades are made of carbon or aluminum fiber with advantages and disadvantages for both. The carbon fiber blade can gain rotation speed more efficiently than the aluminum blade, not verified but has pitting marks when flying in the rain. The versatility of this version in the range of light aircraft will surely make it the favorite choice of most enthusiasts who can afford it.

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