For any flight, an emergency is likely to appear without our notice , the following are the procedure that one needs to follow while landing in case they are caught up by an emergency.


The best thing to do when you are caught by fire or engine failure during a flight, you need to maintain a suitable airspeed and lean the aircraft to remove the pressure and then concentrate on what you are supposed to be doing in normal case .in case of the failure of the engine or engine fire you need to ensure that the airplane best glide speed is maintained. When you maintain the speed it allows you to create enough time and distance for a better landing and checklist.

look for a place to Land

The second step you need to look for the best landing case you are in a desert, you cannot fail to get the best place to land. You might be faced with difficulties if you are in a forest or a squeezed are but after all, you need to look for a good place to land the aircraft. But before running into a final decision you need to consider the following factors.

One thing to consider is a place where there is no trees or people. Second thing, in case you are in an open field ensure that the field is free from irrigation, large ditches or power lines. After you have located the best place to land, try to create a normal traffic pattern for the approach and if possible land in the wind.


The third thing you need to do is to check the emergency checklist. In case of an engine failure you might see things like; magnetos (cycle) fuel pump (on) carb hear (on) and so on. Hence you will be required to change them to thing like: magnetos (off) fuel selector (off) flaps (as needed and so on.

More of the checklist is being detailed in the aircraft’s operating handbook to improve on their accuracy and to help pilots when it comes to emergency landing small aircrafts

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