Cessna history began in 1911when Clyde Cessna built his plane using wood and fabric. After his first flight, he started building and testing the airplanes and finally started Cessna Aircraft Company.

Clyde was manufacturing biplanes but later focused on building monoplanes which used a wing without supporting struts or braces in the year1927. Cassena Aircraft closed down its production during the Great Depression but Dwayne Wallace and his brother Dwight took charge in 1934 and took Cessna Aircraft to new heights.

In 1935, Cessna was brought back as the president regaining full control of his company and the first production of the C-34 Cessna airplane was sold.

Cessna manufactured a T-50 Bobcat during the Second World War which was the first twin-engine plane. The U.S. Army placed an order asking for 33 T-50s for war.
Cessna had produced approximately 5,400 planes before suspending the Bobcat in 1944 where he shifted his production to making components for the Douglas A-26 and Boeing B-29 bombers for the Army which needed bombers.

Through the contracts that Cessna Aircraft got during the war period Cessna history was changed from a company that began with monoplanes but soon grew to manufacture small aircraft.

The company later produced the Cessna 170 in the year 1947 that had four seats and a 140 hp engine. Cassena170, 172 and 185 were the most popular and the best selling small aircraft in the Cessna history.

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