Build by Cessna in Kansas, the Cessna 182 is a single engine light aircraft with a cabin capacity of four although it can also accommodate extra two seats in the baggage has an all metal (aluminium alloy) body to help maintain its lightweight frame although the wingtips are made of fiberglass,there are various models of the Cessna 182 with the latest models incorporating attractive features such as enlarged baggage compartments and efficient fuel usage.

The aircraft has a wingspan of 36 feet, a length of about 28 feet and a height of around 9 feet, with a maximum speed of 156 knots. The interior has a cabin height of 4 feet, a length of approximately 11 feet and a width of 3.6 feet. Powered by a single engine model SR 305-230 E-C it has a normal range of 1480 nautical miles and a service range of 20000 feet When it comes to the operating weights the maximum weight during the taking of is 3100 pounds while the maximum landing weight is 2950 pounds. The fuel capacity of this aircraft is 87 gallons.

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