The Skylane Cessna 182R is considered by many to be the best light aircraft. Although the Skylane does not occur in the same number as its smaller cousin Cessna 172 and without the name, which can be found in the general population as the Cub, the Skylane at the higher end of what is practical for its drivers a day.

Located in the Cessna Formation between 172 and 206/210, the 182 is at the upper end of what can be considered a simple plane. Although the 182 has a variable pitch propeller, it is not pressurized, and most were built with fixed landing gear and non-turbocharged engines. Therefore, it has relatively easy maintenance costs. The additional power of 80 hp, but only a few extra liters of fuel on the cruise.

The Cessna 182R has four seats. However, like most small planes, you will only see them full for short local flights. For longer trips, this means extra fuel and the probability that one or more seats are empty. What you lose in humans, you gain in rank and resistance. Subsequently, 182 can carry 88 gallons of fuel, enough to remain in the air for six hours, which will exceed the tolerance of the passengers, if not the aircraft.

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