The value of Cessna 182 planes has continued to increase over the years. Today, a 182 costs anything between $100000 to $200000. This difference in price range depends on any additional ‘upgrades’ made by the seller, that is, if you’re a second-hand buyer. Such upgrades may include updated radios, new paint, panel, and avionics. However, the costs of maintaining an airplane are significantly higher than that of the original buying price. For instance, annual inspections cost $800-$1200 exclusive of any needed repairs.

The Cessna 182R is greatly known for its ability to make water landings and emergency landing. Due to its small physique, the plane is also the most common model used when flying in to St. Barts, a location with a relatively small runway. The plane requires special flying techniques as it is not physically the same as the regular Airbus.

Keeping costs in check is very important. If one is not careful, maintenance costs will easily double and owning the plane will be more of a burden than it is a luxury.

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